Drop down that could replace listview

Is there any widget that supports the following usecase: I need to show a list of records from DB, based on user’s selection in this widget, another widget will load the associated values. Right now this is achieved using 2 list views (listview1 and listview2) and dataview (dataview1). it gets the job done, but it occupies too much area on screen and based on the number of records it may take further more.  Is there a widget like dropdown that could replace these listviews?
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Hi Sandhra,

place dropdown and listview inside the dataview, set DS_microflow for the listview, pass the dataview object into DS_microflow based on that dropdown value you can retrive list in DS_microflow.


I think you are looking for the Constrained by functionality. See the documentation here: https://docs.mendix.com/refguide/reference-selector

This way you you can have two dropdowns where the second wil show values dependent of the selection of the first dropdown.





Hi Sandhra,

If you you want show the second drop down on the selection of first drop down item in the same data widget, you can use conditional visibility option. Just right click on second dropdown and set the radio option on conditional visibility. Put the condition and run your app.. Hope it will work. If so please give feedback.