No data in group box header with Listview widget inside the group box widget *FIX FOUND*

Hello, I’m developing a project using Mendix Studio Pro 8.18.4 and I encountered a bug. I’m trying to create a dynamical list of group boxes which each contains a list of items. The group box widget shows the parameter just fine without the list view widget, but when I add the list view widget inside the group box widget the group box widget loses the parameter data which I’m trying to show and shows the fallback text.   Here is the configuration of the group box widget with the list view in it: And here is the result:    And here is the same configuration, but without the list view in the group box : And here is the result:   As you can see, the groupbox widget is able to show the {FullName} data without the list view inside, but not with the list view. 
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I tried to replicate same scenario on my end with 8.18.4 version modeler. Its working fine in my application find the reference.

Please let me know any specific way your trying on your application. Thank you.


I’m answering to my own question. I found the problem in my project.

In Atlas_UI_Resources > _Layouts > Mobile features snippets advanced tab there is Group box lazy load setting.

Switching off the setting helped me!