Setting a y-value as a decimal rather than an integer using JFreeChart

I am working on a project in which I wish to generate a report on which, among other data, several graphs are presented. I am using JFreeCharts to generate the graphs. See first image. For information, the green bars are the sum of the red bar and a separate blue bar which is not currently presented. The smaller red bar should have a value of 0.6, the bottom value in the table on the right.     The current issue is as follows: JFreeCharts does not appear to accept decimal values as y-values. See attached domain model.     I am currently looking for a way to be able to set the y-value as a decimal value (in this specific case 0.6).    Further information: Simply changing the attribute type to a decimal does not work; Creating a separate entity with a generalization from Datapoint, to which a y-value decimal attribute is added does not work. I am not using Studio 7.23.16, but rather 7.23.19. There does not appear to be a selection option for 7.23.19   Separate, less important question: In specific graphs I would like for only integers to show up on the y-axis. Is this possible?  
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