Reference Selector Empty

Hey there! So I have in my model a ‘Patient’  which is associated with a Reference Letter, that has Enumerations with reference groups. The association is 1 to 1.  When the patient is being registered, I would like for an input of the Enumerations, such that the patient’s group can be selected in the “PaitnetNewEdit” page. I used a reference selector, and selected the association and enumeration. But when I run the app, the dropdown reference selector is “empty” .  Could anyone help me with this issue ? f
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Hi Toscano,

In your scenario reference selector won’t help you. Since its only give reference to database objects not with enumeration values. Reference selector will work for Attribute type string but not for enumeration. 

There are two ways to do this. 

  1. We can put a data view in “PaitnetNewEdit” for Referral Letter and can select values using drop down. Make sure commit objects in save microflow. (Either we can create object on page load for Referral Letter using data source microflow or else on before showing “PaitnetNewEdit” page)
  2. If its a only a single attribute on referral_letter object you move that to Patient Entity.
    Hope this information helps you. 

Thank you so much!