FileDocumentViewer for file DOCX, XLSX

Hi Everyone, I am using FileDocumentViewer widget in Mendix 8.1.18 version to view an attachment with XLSX file extension but the widget when tries to display the XLSX always download the file, I already have looked for a new widget but I can’t find one to fixed it, Could you tell me how I can fix it?  I really appreciate your help and soon answer.   Thanks
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The documentation of the Document Viewer says this:

“1.2 Limitations

The widget tries to display a document inside a page. However, it may fail to do this, since browser settings determine whether a document can be opened inside a page. In such cases, a download pop-up window is opened. For example, Internet Explorer may succeed in opening a .doc file inside a page and fail in opening a .png image, while exactly the opposite may be true for FireFox.”

You might want to check your browser settings to make sure they allow opening the document in a page.