AnyChart Make Axis Labels Clickable?

So I’ve been working on implementing the AnyChart widget to create a custom bar graph for part of my application. I developed an on-click microflow that generates some info based on the value of the y-axis, however I would like to have it so clicking the actual value on the y-axis, not the bar itself, generates the onclick event. Because right now I’m only able to trigger the on-click event for values on the y-axis that have a non-zero x-axis value, as there currently needs to be a bar present that can be clicked on. Is there something that I can edit in the code itself to make this happen? Thank you!
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One thing you could try is to add custom Javascript to your page to add an event listener to your plotly element in the DOM. Here is some information on adding event listeners to your plotly graphs:

Not sure how to add it to the y-axis, but they do provide examples for data points and legends.