Adding widgets from marketplace to a project

Hi there, I’m new to Mendix so you may find the question a little bit weird  How can I add a widget from the marketplace to my project? I downloaded 3 widgets and tried to move them to “Mendix\my_project\widgets” but it’s not working, what is the right way to do this? because in this documentation it says: “ A project will be created on your hard-drive and will be opened in Studio Pro A component will be downloaded directly into your project ” But it’s not.   Thank you
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The easiest way to add things to your project is by downloading them from the modeler itself. You can find the shopping cart button on the top right of your window:



That way you don't have to manually move them into project folders, but they are added in the right place straight away. The same does not happen when you download them from the marketplace no the website.