Mendix crashes when using react-draggable

Hello, im trying to build a widget with draggable elements. i draw the rectangles it goes fine but when i use <Draggable> it fails. in a normal react app it works perfectly it goes wrong in mendix,   Code: import { Component, ReactNode,createElement } from "react"; import Draggable from 'react-draggable'; import "./svg.css" interface ISVGGeneratorProps { APiUrl?: string; } let component:JSX.Element[]=[] const svgGenerate = () =>{ component.push( <rect id="myrect" x="150" y="150" rx="30" width="200" height="200" fill="lightgrey"/> ) } function handleStart() { console.log("started") } function Drag() { console.log("dragg") } //Generating the svg images. svgGenerate() export class SVGGenerator extends Component<ISVGGeneratorProps> { render(): ReactNode { return ( <div> <svg> {component} </svg> </div> ) } }     index css only has width and height 4000 for svg. And i cannot view any error in mendix it only says to check the script syntax, any way to view the error?
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Hi, i think you’re missing the ‘default’ statement on your export:

export default class SVGGenerator