Basic wrapper widget around go.js leads to multiple define error

I have posted about this before but tried to simplify the problem by creating the simplest widget possible to show a go.js diagram.: Above the link to the widget. When including this on the home page of new app with another widget on the same page, I get the multiple define error which is really weird because this is a React pluggable widget. The interesting thing is that my widget actually works but all widgets that are loaded after my widget fail to l, no matter what type of widget (dojo or react)   Any ideas where to look for would be appreciated. I have a simple test project if needed.
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This took me a lot of time to hunt down but then I stumbled on this post in the go.js forum:


and realized this could be the problem I was having. And indeed doing the change mentioned underneath in the go.js library solved my issue:


I see. I think it may be because our library uses an anonymous define:


We’ll consider switching to a named define statement, which will probably fix this

define('go', go)