Use existing web components as widgets

Hi Mendix Community, We are currently evaluating if it is possible to implement an application that is strongly connected to another existing (non Mendix) application. In order to make the transition from one app to another as seemless as possible from a users perspective, the look and feel and the handling of both applications must match as close as possible. The other application already has a complex design system and all used UI elements are implemented and available as web components (HTML, CSS, JS). Is there a possibility to easily reuse those existing web components in the Mendix application, or would we have to manually translate all those web components to custom widgets? Thanks and best regards, Thomas
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I think you cannot just copy/paste or import/export your existing web components. But yes, some things can be re used. You will probably need to build the HTML structure using widgets in the Studio Pro and then CSS can be copied (with some changes due to Mendix DOM structure of widgets) to your custom.css file used in Mendix app. Also javascript can also be used in a Mendix app so that can be reused. 
I think one can start building app in Mendix by taking existing app as a reference and reusing parts of it. 

Just sharing an idea because I don’t have an exact similar experience of creating Mendix app out of an existing web app.
Probably wait for some experts to answer this question