Is there a way to filter a Data Grid 2 column containing a Boolean attribute?

The Data Grid 2 documentation seems to support column filters for fields of type string, enumerator, number and date, but not Boolean. We used to use a text filter in prior releases of Data Grid 2 for Boolean column attributes, which worked well, but with release 1.2 of DG2, Studio Pro 9.3 now shows an error as an incompatible filter type for the Boolean attribute. Using a Drop Down filter meant for enums doesn’t show any Studio Pro errors, but a runtime error appears indicating that the attribute type is not compatible with the filter. I’ve tried all of the below filters for the Boolean attribute, but Studio Pro will not allow any except for the Data grid drop-down, which generates a runtime error. The Boolean column can be sorted by clicking the header, but you can’t only show either the ‘true’ or ‘false’ value. Is filtering Booleans in DG2 not supported any longer? Update: The ability to filter Boolean attributes was added to version 1.3 of the Data Grid 2 module, which is now available for download from the Mendix Marketplace.
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This has just been released in the newest version of the Widget, please check the marketplace and download the update...