datasource from microflow (json) in pluggable web widget

Hi everyone,   I'm trying to get a JSON created via Microflow inside a pluggable widget. In the XML we have a type datasource which gets the json. <property key="jsonData" type="datasource" isList="true" required="true"> <caption>Data source</caption> <description /> </property> Now I don't know how to get the JSON from this datasource. Can somebody help me with this?   Kind regards, Steven Keersmaekers
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Suppose you map this to datasource then


When jsonData.status === “available” then you can get jsonData.items

jsonData.items is an array. Therefore you need to convert to Json with 

const myjsonstring = JSON.stringify(jsonData.items)


if you map with microflow, you should return to object anyway. and this will be an array items. 


hope this help