Custom Native Widget data source access problem

I am using data source property in xml for creating custom native widget. How can access values of that data source source (my list is of domain model I want properties values) in typescript code. Didn’t found any solution o  forum.  I want to access entities from list value with their properties values. Suppose I have list of Student entities need student name, age value in typescript code. /** * This file was generated from NativeCustomCalendar.xml * WARNING: All changes made to this file will be overwritten * @author Mendix UI Content Team */ import { ListValue } from "mendix"; export interface NativeCustomCalendarProps<Style> { name: string; style: Style[]; datasource: ListValue; } export interface NativeCustomCalendarPreviewProps { class: string; style: string; datasource: {} | null; }  
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You should add extra properties of the type “attribute” to your XML. They should have the datasource property set pointing to your data source. Here’s an example from Data Grid 2:


<property key="datasource" type="datasource" isList="true">
    <caption>Data source</caption>

<property key="attribute" type="attribute" dataSource="../datasource" required="false">
    <description>Attribute is required if the column can be sorted or filtered</description>
        <attributeType name="String"/>

In this configuration, attribute will be a ListAttributeValue. The link explains it more, but the code you would need in this example is like:

const attributeValue = this.props.attribute.get(this.props.datasource.items[0]);