AutoCompleteForMendix Show Foreign-Accented Names?

Hello guys, When searching for foreign-accented names in the AutoCompleteForMendix Widget the following happens: The name "Víctor Rueda", would only show when "Víc" is entered. If "Vic" (without the diacritics) is entered, it would not show. I'd like the widget to show "Víctor Rueda" whether "Víctor" or "Victor" has been entered. Because most users can’t be bothered to enter their names with accents, sometimes they don’t even know, or they forget. So, wondering it it’s possible to show the foreign-accented name whether diacritics have been entered or not. Thanks!
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I answered your previous question regarding this, but you may not have seen it. Previous answer was here:

Maybe someone else has a more elegant solution, though.