How to use widgets like Datatables or Data Grid Extension?

I am quite new to mendix. I am looking to extend the functionality of a simple datagrid by using datatables or the datagrid extension. Currently I am displaying my entity info using a lame ol’ datagrid. When trying to use these widgets to enhance the datagrid, I get errors with each saying: Move this widget to a data container, for example a data view or list While I understand what a data container widget is, I am unsure how to actually add it to something like a datagrid/list/view. When I drop it onto the canvas, within a datalist or view, and wire it up to my entity. Nothing actually happens on my form. I can’t quite find a good guide or example of someone using one of these. Are both the parent dataview/list supposed to be wired up to the same entity? Should I automatically fill the contents of the dataview/list? Any help/documentation to push me down the right path here would be greatly appreciated.     EDIT: Here is my attempt at wiring this up. I have placed a list view on my page, wired it to my Fam database. I have also added the datatables widget within the list view, and also wired that up to the Fam database as well. 
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