Downloaded widgets not showing up in Toolbox

Hi, i’m having a problem finding downloaded widgets in my project Toolbox. It’s a Native Mobile app and i’m trying to include some marketplace widgets that could help my needs. But everything i download via marketplace does not show up in project Toolbox after installation (and all downloading and importing messages indicates that everything went well, since no errors are mentioned during install). Also tried to download the .mpk package to include it manually into the project, but i can’t find the way to do it. Any thoughts? *App is being developed in v. 8.18.0
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The widget in your screenshot, BoostrapInputAddons, does not appear to be available for native, which is why you cannot select it from a native page. If you were to make a non-native page you'll see that the bootstrapinputaddons widget is available in the widget menu. Unfortunately you may have to find another widget for your use case.