Trying to define multi-series column chart

Hi,   I am trying to build a multi series column chart. Data is something like: Country: USA  Population:24M Year 2020 Country: USA  Population:30M Year 2021 Country: UK Population:19M Year 2020 Country: UK Population:23 M Year 2021   So i expect the bar chart to look something like this: Where the sky blue bar would be data for 2020 and navy blue for 2021. Instead of Jan/Feb we would have USA and UK. And Y-Axis would show population. Ofcourse this should be dynamic in future so that if there are 5 years, there would be 5 bar groups. For now we have to take 2020 and 2021. Now for implementing i used the column chart widget. I need to know how can i configure the data series to display this yearly population growth. For 2 years, my understanding is i need 2 series but how do i configure this? I have currently entity: PopulationGrowth : Country String Population Integer Year Integer    
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You might want to use AnyChart