Can not find this button(create object)

Dear all, I saw this website in order to fix CE1568 problem. But I can not find this button(create object). User interface between website and my mendix 9.4 pro seems very different. First picture is from website The others are from my mendix pro
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There’s a difference between Mendix Studio and Mendix Studio Pro.

Mendix Studio is less technical and designed for the business and citizen developers. Accessible via web interface. The Pro version needs to be downloaded and is more technical.

Please do not mix both yourself, the intention and target group is different. Read more here:



Create object is an activity in Microflow. What is your use case to see it as button? You can just create a microflow and internally use this activity. Or perhaps, I am not understanding your question.


My question is that I can not find that button.

But I create a microflow  and it works good.

Really thanks for your quick reply.