Tree View widget not refreshing when adding object

Hi everyone, I am using the latest version of the Tree View widget in my app. The data source for the nodes is set to a microflow that takes as input the object from the data view that I have added the widget to. The tree is loading correctly, however if I add a new object to the tree it does not appear. I create the new object in a microflow, and then open a pop-up. In that pop-up I use a ‘save changes’ button. If I edit an existing node (e.g. change its name) it refreshes the name of the existing node. I have configured the widget to load the whole tree, and to use the option ‘Node – parent’ as the relation type. Refreshing (commit in a microflow) of the input object for the data source microflow didn't help. Any ideas why my new objects are not appearing, or how I can force a refresh of the tree? Thanks! Andrew
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Refresh in client is not helping here. We had the same issue and our Mendix contact proposed to create the whole page instance again and replace the current view by it. The user doesn’t really notice he/she has moved to a new instance of the page except for the TreeView is collapsed again.


I think this is a very hacky way, but we haven’t found a clean solution for it.


The TreeView widget needs some improvement I guess. :P


I am not familiar with the Tree View widget, but what you can do:

Instead of a commit only, you can use a Change Object action with both Commit and Refresh in client enabled.

Also, you can try a Change Object with Refresh in client enabled for the parent object.