adding Custom Image Logo in Tab Container

in tab widget i want to add the logo for each tab page  please help 
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Hi Harshad, the out-of-the-box tab widget in Mendix does not have this feature. There’s probably a way to add some icons using CSS. Otherwise, you’re looking at creating your own tab widget using the Pluggable Widgets framework.


The tabs have a property ‘Show badge’ and ‘Badge’ since Mx9 something. Maybe you can get a good start by setting those. Set the first to yes, the second to string:

Then using css you might be able to define a good selector and add something like

mx-tabcontainer-tabs ul li::before {
  content: "<img src='radiobuttonslogo.png' \>";

Sorry not to have the time to create a working example now. Please let us know if you have or have not succeeded.