Listen to widget is not working

Experts,       I have a layout grid with 2 columns, enclosed in a container. In the first column, I have a data grid and I am able to populate the grid with a microflow. Once I select a row in the first column, I want the information to be passed onto the second column, where I have a button. I am using listen to widget for this purpose. I intend to do a certain action on button click, once I have the selected row details. Right now, when I run the app, the row details are not getting cascaded to the button. Also, I am getting an error saying “Did not expect an argument to be undefined”. Any ideas on how to get past this issue will be of great help.  
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Hi Mike,

     Here are additional screenshots, per your request:


   Left side properties window:



Right side properties window:



A couple of ideas:

  • I think the error is because you don’t have Select First set to yes on the grid.  Can you change that and see if it eliminates the error
  • Are there rows in the datagrid?  (I am pretty sure you checked this, just asking some obvious questions)?
  • Can you put a text field in the dataview with one or more of the column values to be certain that you have a row selected?

After trying those things, do you still have the same issue?