Why a Pie Chart Widget Needs to be inside a Data Widget?

I have a quick question on PieChart. I used PieChart widget for one of my projects and when I added the PieChart widget on my page, it said, “PieChart needs to be inside a Dataview, Listview or Datagrid. So, I made it work by create a dummy dataview, but, was surprised at this need. Those who have used the PieChart, would know that it needs a saparate datasource anyways and picks the data only from there. So, if I am picking the data directly from a mcroflow or database, there shouldn’t be need for any dataview. Moreover, it doesn’t allow you to pcik the data by association, anyways. So, this seems like a bug to me, but, if anyone has any different view, kindly let me know.    
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Hello, Shekhar Tyagi

Pie chart needs within the data widget because we display some value on piechart which is based on like product quantity or sales of the year that data are stored in the database. so basically piechart needs a database.

I hope this will help you.

Thank You