Reference selector as a base

Hi, i want to use reference selector as a base, that data source can listen to that.  Is there any way? For example, i have a big table, and i want to choose an object and with help a button, display some info about that objekt
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Yes, you should implement this with what we call the “helper entity” pattern:

  • Create a non-persistable entity (NPE) in your domain model
  • Create an association from the NPE to the big table/entity
  • On your page, use a dataview sourced from microflow – make a microflow that creates and returns an object of your helper entity
  • Inside the data view, you can create a reference selector where you’ll be able to choose an object from the big table
  • Also inside this data view, you can add another data view sourced over that same association to the object from the big table