Dynamic dropdown menu w/o reference selector

Hello, I have a couple of entities looking like this *can’t share the original domain model, sorry* I would like to dynamically populate a dropdown menu which I found to be possible by using a Reference selector which sounded great at first.  However, the entity I want to access is Entity_2 and my design is based on something similar to the example in the Reference selector guide where Every Entity_1 will have multiple Entity_2 entries. Is there a work around to achieve this? Or how can I create a dynamically populated dropdown menu using Entity_2 objects?? Thank you
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Hi Mohamed, 


You could customize the behavior of the drop-down by using one of the widgets available in the Mendix Marketplace: https://marketplace.mendix.com/link/component/111568 


This will allow for you creating a dynamic drop-downs of your choice. 


Hope this helps. 


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