Microflow call from Pluggable widget not working.

My xml file <property key="options" type="datasource" isList="true" required="true"> <caption>Data Source</caption> <description>Data source for options to be rendered</description> </property> <property key="onOptionSelect" type="action" dataSource="options" required="true"> <caption>On option select</caption> <description>Event when an option is selected</description> </property> <property key="onOptionDeSelect" type="action" dataSource="options" required="true"> <caption>On option deselect</caption> <description>Event when an option is deselected</description> </property> My Javascript file isReady = props => props.options.status === "available" && props.selectedOptions.status === "available" && !this.state.loaded; componentDidUpdate() { // Mapping all the values obtained from datasource to valid Json options // using the buildOption function declared below if (this.isReady(this.props)) { this.setState({ options: this.props.options.items.map(item => this.buildOption(this.props.value, this.props.label, item) ), selectedOptions: this.props.selectedOptions.items.map(item => this.buildOption(this.props.value, this.props.label, item) ), loaded: true }); } } buildOption = (value, label, item) => ({ value: value(item).value, label: label(item).value, mxObj: item }); handleOnChange(value, action) { if (action.action === "select-option") { // this.props.onOptionSelect(action.option.mxObj).execute(); This also doesn't work const act = this.props.onOptionSelect(action.option.mxObj); act.execute(); } else if (action.action === "remove-value") { const act = this.props.onOptionDeSelect(action.removedValue.mxObj); act.execute(); } this.setState({ selectedOptions: value }); } There are no error but still the microflow is not executing but the exactly same code works with mendix 9. current it’s not working with Mendix 8.18.4. Help appreciated, Thanks.
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