How to simply display a value on a page?

Hi, I have some raw value I just want to present/display in a small field/text box, how can we do this easily.!? Is there not any template/widget or anything for that simple “low code” Mendix to display a simple value..!?   Example from Siemens Performance Insight App. in MindSphere: Thanks in advance,  
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Hi Tim


Lots of possibilities here. One is :


Insert a data vieuw, select the object via page parameter of use a data source microflow.
Mendix generates everything but if you just want a few data you can handpick them in the connector toolbox.


I recommend you do some of the learning paths starting with this one:


Enjoy and good luck!


Hi Jeremie,

Okay thanks that sound good,

I will have a look and maybe comeback with further question.

Thanks so far, for your quick answer.


Okay maybe my question was as a newbies,

We have actually done following training


But that is not what we want.

There must be are more direct answer to doing this display of value.!? it is maybe more about the look and feeling.

Thanks in advance,


Hi Tim,


I meant this course:

Become a Rapid Developper:

It is a bit more elaborated than the one you followed.


Happy learning! 


I recommend to do the MindSphere learning path as well, as here you learn how to fetch values from the MindSphere APIs and visualize them in a chart. Just showing a last value, should be done than easilly via a simple text widget, showing an attribute from your entity model where you store your data in.