Data Grid Using Path

I just stumbled across something that has been frustrating me for awhile with how the Data Grids work when using X-Path. My use case is having a Parent-Child entities and having the child data on a the parent form, using a  x-path to constrain the data. I tried associations, however not been able to sort causing problems. I also tried a microflow, however you cannot do an inline edit when using a mircoflow, so I’ve been using the x-path. X-Path works, however it does not pass the parent object to the child form, so you have to manually assign the parent data. I then tried to have the New function call a microflow where I could preset the parent record (along with other values). This also did not work as you need to have something selected before calling the microflow.  What I discovered, by accident, was that if I set the selection mode to multi-select, I could then have a button call the microflow and everything worked as wanted.  I now can edit-in-place, sort, set the parent record. This is everything I need from a data grid! My question is, why do I need to be in multi-select mode for this to work, why does it not work with single select mode. Is this intended behavior and is it documented?  
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