Data grid with variable (number of) columns on a large dataset

Hi all,   For a new project, we want to create data grids with inline editing that have a variable number of columns.  Right now, we have created data views with vertical list views. However, as we need to  retrieve the ‘cell’ for every combination, this does not seem like a solid approach for large datasets (5000+ items). Or can anyone confirm that, with a good retrieve or other solution, it might be the best method? Current view:   For now, we are also looking into using widgets as a replacement. For example the Matrix widget or the Pivot Table widget. Both of the widgets however, are not supporting inline editing (at the moment). Also, the Matrix widget does not really seem a good fit for large datasets, right? The widgets, ideally, should also support custom sorting (by clicking on the headers) and totals for both the columns as the rows Is there someone who is also working on this kind of functionality in an app? I am curious to hear your experiences.    
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I have taken the same approach in the past (also on project registration): dataviews containing list view. That stays a pretty solid solution and 5000+ is not yet a large dataset. You should be ok. To my experience around 500.000 objects you start having performance issues. Adding indexes will help a lot.