Custom widget - How to get type from attribute JSON?

Hi there! I’m working on a custom widget, and I can’t for the life of me figure out how to detect the type of attribute that has been passed to it. A feature of this widget is that you can select any attribute type, but it’s almost necessary that I can validate that it matches another attribute’s type that is passed to the widget. Essentially, I have two attributes that can be passed to this widget, `presetAttribute` and `targetAttribute`, and I want to make sure that they are of the same type. `presetAttribute` connects to a datasource on the widget. This is important to note, because it actually returns its value type. However, `targetAttribute` does not. This is what the breakdown looks like in the console. As you can see, I can detect the type from `presetAttribute`, but there seems to be no way to get the type of attribute from `targetAttribute`. I have already tested with several different data types, but they each have their own structure and simply do not give me a consistent way to get this information. Can anyone give me a direction, or confirm that there is simply no way for me to do this?
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Hopefully Mendix adds this feature at some point.


In the meantime, I found this very ugly workaround:

validateAttributeTypes() {
    // Get current value and a test value from the list of presets
    let trueValue = this.props.targetAttribute.value;
    let testValue = this.props.presetAttribute.get(

    let valid = true;

    try {
        this.props.targetAttribute.setValue(testValue);                 // Attempt to set our target attribute to a preset
        console.log("Preset and target attribute types are matching");
    } catch (e) {                                                       // If it fails, it must not be of the right type
        alert(`\n${e}\n\nPreset Selector preset and target attributes must be of the same type.`)
        valid = false;

    this.props.targetAttribute.setValue(trueValue); // Set targetAttribute back to the right value

    return valid;

Essentially, you can try to set the value of the attribute in question and Mendix will either respond with nothing or throw an error telling you that the types aren’t compatible.