Messed up formatting with datagrid 2 widget

I want to use the data grid 2 widget from the marketplace, but the foramtting is completly messed up when i open the app. I’ve used the widgt before in other projects  and never had any issues and configured it as always. My current Project was a starter Project in the 8.something version that i upgraded to the 9.5.1.  In the pictures you can see how i added the widget and how it looks now in the app. Does anybody has an idea how i can fix this?
2 answers

I had exactly the same problem but with an app using the default Atlas styling. The problem went away after I did the following:

  • Re-installing the Data Widgets module from the Marketplace.
  • Checked to make sure that my theme was upgraded correctly from Atlas 2 to Atlas 3 (it wasn't).

No, I don’t. Got the exact same problem now. I hoped to solve it by re-downloading from The datagrid2’s improved, the cells of each object are at least on the same line, but still f8-up:

Did anyone stumbled upon a solution for this?