Grid or Table using Microflow as datasource

Hi,   Is there an available grid, table or  listview that is able to do the following: Server side pagination Server side sorting Server side quick search Can modify cell contents using HTML Microflow as datasource   Grid view limitation: - can’t do a server-side quick search - can’t modify cell contents   List view limitation: - can’t achieve server side pagination, sorting & filter if using microflow.    
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Hi Jonard

You have your documentation for server-side pagination and sorting here: Set Up Server-Side Paging and Sorting for a Microflow Data Source - Studio Pro 9 How-to's | Mendix Documentation

For your editable Grid, I refer you to this piece of documentation: Grid Columns - Studio Pro 9 Guide | Mendix Documentation

where you can find that you can make columns editable:

2.4.2 Editable

The editable property indicates whether the values of the column will be editable inline, as in, without opening a page with a data view. In-line editing allows the data grid to behave like you would expect from a spreadsheet application.

I hope this helps you.

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