Adding Multiple Values in Reference Selector

Hi experts, I have a requirement to show the list of multiple values in the reference selector. Currently I am showing only one attribute in the reference selector. I want to show multiple values in the reference selector.  Example : In the reference selector drop down I want show – Attribute 1 – Attribute 2 – Attribute 3 I used the widget, any how it is not working in my menidx version 9.3.0  . The widget I used : Please let me know any alternative for this, also let me know will the widget work in mendix version : 9.3.0. Thanks in Advance!
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You can use the AutoComplete widget to achieve this, it supports templates for results, allowing you to combine multiple attributes for display.

 Mendix Marketplace - AutoComplete widget


Make sure the list of possibilities you want to display in the widget is filled and you have the data source set to the right datasource. For example, you need an enumeration with multiple possible outcomes to be the datasource of said data selector, before you will see all enums underneath each other.

So, verify:

-is the context set well?

-is that context not empty?


After you conclusively established a positive on both, the reference selector should show all options underneath each other.