Match key to list of values

Hi everyone,  I am new to Mendix and still trying to figure a lot of things out, I would greatly appreciate if you could help me out. In my System, I have a a set of keys in a List View. I am matching those keys onto a List of Values I need my User to validate, whether the List of Values is complete and correct for every Key, and if not, change, add, or remove values for that specific Key. How I want to solve this: In my List view, for every Key, I want a Dropdown/Selector for each Value that there is to this key. The User can chose to remove a Dropdown (and by that delete the mapping to that value), add a value by adding a new Dropdown and selecting a Value from a pre-fetched List of Values. Now I am having issues figuring out how to get the Values I want into a Dropdown/Selector, since a Dropdown only allows Enums, and a Selector only allows mapping from the Value to the Key, not the other way around (because I have a 1-to-* Association between the values and the keys). I am also looking at the Custom Dropdown Widget to see whether it can help me with my problem. Am I missing something that would make life easier for me?   Best regards, Maruan El-Mahgary
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