Pluggable widgets: Updating associated data

I am currently working together with an external company that has a gantt chart we want to integrate in our application. We are trying to create a pluggable widget but we are stuck at the following: We can retrieve data and also the associated data (taskboard which has multiple lists and those lists have tasks associated with them). This data is then displayed in the chart and can be modified (move the date, change the name etc).   However, once the changes are done there, we cannot find a way to send the data back to Mendix. We can update the main object, the taskboard. If we try to change a task then this results in an error that the object cannot be found.   We have checked all documentations, example projects but there does not seem to be anything on updating associated data through pluggable widgets. Is this even possible?
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Hi Jarno,

You can use the Mendix  client api's to do this like committing the changed object.

Also check on MxObject class on how to manipulate the data.

A good addition is to keep in the state of your component wich objects are changed so you don’t need to get and commit the objects that aren’t touched.