How do we make Datagrid 2 act Responsive?

Hey all, We are using Datagrid 2 for our new application, but we notice that while old Datagrid and Listview etc are by default responsive, Datagrid 2 seems to just move off screen, in our case just flowing over the borders of a groupbox. Is there a way to make Datagrid2 stay responsive? Alternativly, how do I make the groupbox grow with the Datagrid2?
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Hi Louis,

The columns a user adjusts get a fixed pixel value, the rest of the columns remain a fraction (1fr, for example: grid-template-columns: 384px 1fr 1fr 1fr fit-content(50px)). In addition, the datagrid is styled as a table class, which is often not great with responsiveness. So I would advise to find another solution than to make the table responsive.