Custom Dropdown how to set DropdownContext attributes

Hey everyone, I am using the Custom Dropdown Widget from and I have a question: I created a DropdownContext identical to the one available in the Test Project from GitHub My question is: Does anyone understand how the DropdownContext attributes ID and Label are set? In the provided Test Project, those attribute seem to be set automatically when an Option is selected. I can't find any place where those were set manually via Microflow or similarly. But in my own Project, the DropdownContext attributes are never set. When I select an Option in my App und debug the Microflow that is called, the DropdownContext attributes are empty. While they stay empty, it is impossible for me to access the selected Option in a Microflow. It seems I might need some more configuring or am missing some setting. Here is my Configuration of the Custom Dropdown Widget: As you can see, I use the Value of my Entity both as Label and ID, but that's deliberate, not by accident. I would be very thankful for any help.
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Update for anyone wondering or encountering this issue in the future, I’ve found the case where it does not work for me:
As soon as some layer outside the Dropdown is a ListView, it does not work anymore.
I tried with 3 Data Views nested in each other, with the CustomDropdown placed in the most inner one, that works fine for me.
As soon as I change one of them to a List View, the Dropdown ID and Label are not set anymore for Microflows triggered by a Select Option.
Unfortunately, this makes it difficult (impossible?) to use a dynamic amount of CustomDropdowns.


EDIT: It seems to specifically be List Views. With Data Grids it seems to work fine.

Update on the Edit: By changing the List View setting to “Editable” under “General”, the issue is resolved and the CustomDropdown works perfectly fine.