HTML Snippet not displaying one SVG image

Hi, I have an html page that I use in the error_page folder whenever the app is down. I would also like to display that same page whenever the app is up, but a maintenance boolean is enabled. I am trying to achieve that directly by using the .html file and a HTML Snippet configured to that external file.  However, the .html page is not displayed properly as the main SVG image is missing (I have other SVG images – smaller size – which are displayed just fine) and also a couple of icons have shrunk together with the text below them. Could you please help me out in figuring why this is happening and how it can be solved? Thanks!
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Hi Razvan, 

I'm not sure why this happens, but it could be because of the mechanism that those pages are only rendered in case the application is down.

Wouldn't it be a much more simpler solution to point the user to a similar page that is configured in the modeler? You can then use a datasource somewhere on your page that checks the maintenance boolean. If the boolean = true, you can redirect the user to the page you configured in your modeler.