In Pluggable Widget Property Types XML File,dataSource cant be found in object List

Hello,           I want to use datasource in  Pluggable Widget, In XML File                      <property key="data" type="datasource" isList="true" required="true">                 <caption>Data source</caption>                 <description>Data source</description>             </property>             <property key="content" type="widgets" required="false" dataSource="data">                 <caption>Content</caption>                 <description>Content of a box</description>             </property>            <property key="columnList" type="object" isList="true" required="true">                 <caption>List</caption>                 <description></description>                 <properties>                     <propertyGroup caption="Column Data">                         <property key="content1" type="widgets" required="false" dataSource="data">                             <caption>Content</caption>                             <description>Content of a box</description>                         </property>                     </propertyGroup>                 </properties>             </property> dataSource = "data" is used for both key:”content” and key:”content1”. There is no problem with the application in key:”content”, and an error will be reported in key:”content1” build success, but in Mendix Studio Pro error:  Error in property 'columnList.content1': Invalid property path 'data' in dataSource attribute.
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Your columns are in a property list so you need to step up in the XML.

Try the value ../data for content1