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Hi, We have a datagrid with page size 15 and virtual scrolling. The only filter that is active when loading the page is a date filter with greater than or equal than [%BeginOfCurrentWeekUTC%]. There are more than 30 rows that fulfill this criteria but I can only scroll to see the first 30. He does not render more rows. There are only more rows showing up when I change for example the date filter to greater than (instead of greater than or equal). Does somebody know how to fix this so I can scroll down to see all the rows? Thanks!
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I encountered the same issue. I fixed it by adding a new class to the scss that sets the infinite-loading class of the gallery widget on a certain height where it allows the items in the gallery to ‘overflow’ and trigger the loading of the next items in the gallery. Example:


Add a class of choice in your scss and adjust the height so the gallery items overflows the set height and shows a scrollbar

Add the same class in your gallery widget class 


that should do the trick


Hello Kolien,


I have encountered the same issue as well! For some reason, the 'scrolling’ part of virtual scrolling did not trigger when reaching the bottom of the first 15/20 results.

For me, the reason it was not triggering was the zoomed in (or out) browser. When the browser was zoomed out to 90%, the virtual scrolling would not start. The workaround was (as you may guess) to reset the zoom to 100%. This is not a permanent solution, but maybe it helps you for now!





Hello Joeri,


I have the same issue when I add the date filter the virtual scrolling doesn´t work.


¿Someone from support told you anything about it?



 Anybody found a solution for this ?

 We are facing the same problem.