Pluggable widgets type of attribute is not selectable

Hi Forum, I made one Pluggable Widgets and set its type to "attribute” as says. But eventually that property is not selectable in Studio Pro 9 So just need help to this… Thanks in advance!
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Hi Kevin,

Does the widget have any context, as in, is the widget placed in a data view or list view? If not, make sure to do this first.

Also, I see that you’ve added a data source property in the widget definition. If you want to use an attribute from the result of this data source, you should change

<property key="valueAttribute" type="attribute" onChange="onPercentageChange">


<property key="valueAttribute" type="attribute" dataSource="data" onChange="onPercentageChange">

You should then first select / configure the data source in the widget properties, and after that, you should be able to select the attribute you need on basis of this data source.

Hope this helps!


Hi Allard,

I just met another issue regarding this… After setting the attributes of my Entity I would like to get the actual values of them, but in the end I could not get them.

Here I try to get these two attributes’ value

And here is what I coded to get them

But finally I saw them were “undefined” from browser

So just wondering how I can get the Entity’s attribute value from JSX code? Thanks!