Microflow Timer - Widget visibility

Hi, is there a way to change the visibility of widgets using the Microflow timer? A Filed in my data structure is linked to a visibility flag of a widget.  In the Microflow timer I’m updating occasionally the value from true to false or vice versa. In the Microflow timer the flag commit and refresh in client are set as true but nothing is happening in the page.   Any suggestion?   Cheers Andrea     
2 answers

I tried the following methods, it  works.

(1). I added a Boolean attribute  "isShow" to the Entity
     ,and set it’s visibility as follows.


(2). "Microflow Timer" config :  execute "Microflow" every two seconds.


(3). In Microflow,  I Changed "isShow.value" = not(isShow)
      and set “Refresh in Clinet”=Yes



Are you sure you're refreshing the right object? Does nothing happen when you refresh the page parameter?