Cannot get the values of Pluggable Widget

1. I finished one pluggable widget and from React side I want to obtain the widget’s attribute. Please check my screenshot below, I want to get “column”’s and “value”’s values 2. And from Studio Pro side I defined one Entity and set my widget getting data from the Entity  3. And finally I tried to output the props value in jsx file However, eventually I saw them on browser are all “undefined So I was not able to get the value of this Entity, but interestingly I could saw the value of this property whose type is “string”. This value was input by me manually in Studio Pro. And now I am just wondering if I designed this Entity wrong? So that its value cannot be passed into React side? Just hope to get the advice here, thanks in advance!
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Issued resolved. What I did is, for the properties whose type is “attribute”, I just found out that the widget would be rendered for two time… And at the first time the widget’s “attribute” type values would be “undefined”, and at the second time those values would appear…

Don’t know why this would be, if anyone can help to explain this due to my lack of knowledge of ReactJS…? Thanks!