PrintScreen FileDocument The screen shot cant be made because there isnt an object to store the image

Hi,   I’m trying to create a pdf file without having to make a doc template. For this I’am trying to use the widget PrintScreen FileDocument  but where can I select the object where to put the image?   I’ve added a class .Print to the container I want to print and added this to the widget as the “Class of area to print. Thanks!
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So the document is created?

Have you tried adding a download functionality to the OCH Microflow?


Hi Jeremie,

either the classes are wrong or you didn't place the widget in a dataview of the entity you want it to be saved in.

You can either retrieve an existing object or use a datasource microflow to create one and place the widget in there.


Tried to recreate it in Mx9,7 but it gives me the same problem: keeps loding/buffering...