Show a specific index for reference dropdown

I have 5 values in my reference  dropdown coming from microflow. When I open the page it is showing the first value as default value which is at 0 index. Now I need to set 2nd index no. as the default one. I mean if I open the page the index 2 will be selected by default. Eg:- I have value “default”, “value1”, “value2”, “value3” and “value4”. Now currently if I open the page, then current value showing is “default” but I need here “value2” as default and I don’t want to change order for this.
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So its a list of objects?

What you could do is to set the assocication of the reference dropdown of the context object to the object of value2 when creating the context object. Then this wil be displayed/set to the user, but when you want to change the dropdown, the order should be as you've said before.