Displaying all n values Bootstrap multiselect instead of showing All Selected(n)

Hi , I need to show all the string values in which are present in the options after selecting from Bootstrap Multi select widget. For that I have increased the display items with n+1 to print those names. Please find the screenshot below:   Can any one suggest, what should I do in order to achieve it.    
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Hi Sanskruti,

The problem here is that your dropdown has only 5 values in total and you have put 6 as the number of items to display.

Not sure if this is how the widget works or if it is a bug, but if you have put up lets say n items to display then your list should have atleast n+1 items otherwise it would not show the selected items as comma separated. 

So in your case, if your list has only 5 items then put 4 as number of items to display, because once all 5 have been selected it would show as All selected, irrespective of your configuration.