Enum Image in List View

Hey all, I currently want to show the images of my Enumerations in a List View, where the Enumeration is an attribute of the viewed Entity. Now those images can only be directly accessed in a Data Grid. On other topics I have read that there is a Enum Toggle Widget for this, but all of those requests are at least 2 years old and I can not find the Widget now anymore. Does anyone know a fitting Widget for this? I know about the workaround of putting all the images into the View and then just filter them via Visibility, but since my Enumeration has a lot of values, I’d like to avoid this.   Best regards, Maruan
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To select the images for Enumeration values, you need the images imported in the project.

As a workaround, you can create a snippet with images and visibility conditions based on the enum values. You can re-use this snippet in multiple places.