Cant find option for Static Image option under the data source tab for the Image Carousel widget

Hi all, I am trying to upload static images into the Image Carousel widget. According to the documentation, it says that there should be an option for static images under the data source tab. However, I am unable to find it. The only options I have are: Database, Association, Microflow, Nanoflow, XPath. I’m not sure why the static image option doesn’t show up. If anybody knows how I can use this widget with multiple static images, please help! Thank you! I am using Mendix Studio Pro version 9.7.0 in case it’s needed. A screenshot of my data source options as well as the widget I’m using has been uploaded. Looking forward to receiving some sugeestions!            
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Hi Jisa,

The widget you're using doesn't have static images, I don't see in the documentation that that's possible either. The other widget: does have that capability and seems to work in Mendix 9.7 as well.
If you want to use this widget, you have to place it in a Dataview, but this dataview does not have to be of an image type, it can just be a random object in which you put the widget I don't fully understand why this is.

In Mendix 9.7 this worked for me anyway.