Example of microflow and domain model for Image Carousel widget

Hi all, I’m new to Mendix and I’m trying to use the Image carousel widget (https://github.com/ahwelgemoed/image-carousel-widget/blob/main/README.md) by setting the data source to Microflow. The documentation for the widget only showed an example of the entity (shown in the screenshot) and none for the microflow so I’m unsure of how to create the microflow – like what acitivities should be included. It will be really helpful if someone could show me an example of the microflow and the entity that they used to retrieve the images for the image carousel so that I can get an idea for my own case. Looking forward to your comments! Thank you.    
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The domain model which showed in the documentation was an example to show, as widget builds it has data sources as below

Select microflow option and click on select , choose a folder to keep your microflow on clicking new can define the name of microflow.

You can choose one of this based on your requirement. if its Microflow or Nano flow its should return a list of Entity’s which has generalization of image. 

For customisation there are few options you can try. For image content either you can keep a text or variable based on need.

Hope this helps!