How to implement a real OnChange event for TextArea

Hi guys, I need a similar ‘On Change’ event for TextArea as TextBox has.   Right now, I set up my TextArea with an OnChange event, however, this behaves more like an On Leave than an OnChange. Do you know a way to do this? Maybe a workaround or using directly JavaScript. In this last case, I would like to know how to call a Microflow from my JavaScript when reacting to the event. Thank you. Felix 
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Hm, too late for to test this, so here are some thoughts:

- raise a ticket at Mendix to make the textbox-OnChange-event behave like an on-change-event. But don’t get your hopes up too high;

Solve it yourself indeed via javascript, that you add to a html-snippet and that starts upon document-ready. Calling a microflow from a javascript is done by calling a nanoflow, which calls that calls the microflow (check if you realy need a microflow, maybe a nanoflow suffices)