Sidebar Creeping into Main Content of Page

For my application I’m trying to have a sidebar that is only visible and toggleable on the mobile version, and not visible on the desktop. It’s designed in a scrollbar container as a scrollbar-right region, with the region containing a navigation tree, and the only styling applied to the sidebar is the addition of the “region-sidebar” class in the Appearance section. The toggle mode is set as “Push Content Aside”. When these are all set however, on the desktop version of the application, part of the sidebar seems to creep over into the page, as seen in the screenshot:  I’ve tried multiple different solutions, from changing the toggle mode to “Slide Over Content” (this makes the page taller for some reason that I haven’t identified), to adjusting padding/margin/width properties. I have not been able to identify a fix yet, and I was wondering if there was just something that I was missing? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!
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